Memorial Fund Guidelines
The First United Methodist Church of Wabash Inc. is blessed to have a Memorial Fund from which yearly grants are awarded. The grants are awarded to organizations, and/or individuals who are working to further the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We hope this fund will encourage and challenge individuals and groups to open up new opportunities through projects, programs, and ministries to serve the Lord.  

Terms For Requesting Grants
An organization may apply for a grant for “a project, program and ministries” three (3) consecutive times and no more than four (4) times within an eight-year (8) time frame. ($20,000 MAX PER GRANT)
The grant may not be used for payment of salaries.
The matching grant cannot come from other Foundations and or endowments.  
We suggest generating the grant match via fundraisers or donations.

You may access this application by completing the online application. The grant application process closes on September 30th (form must be completed online.) The name, phone number, email address and address of the group, individual or organization submitting the grant request.
Approved Grants
Grants are awarded the following January by a letter from the church, which provides you with the information to begin the process of acquiring the awarded grant.   Approved grants have eighteen (18) months (or June 30th of the following year) to apply and receive the funds.
After you have submitted you’re application, you will hear back from a committee member within 3 business days.

If approved, you will be notified in January the following year that will explain how you can request your rewarded grant.

We will need to see proof the deposits being made into your bank account as well as an example spreadsheet of your donations.  (example below)