First United Methodist Church
To Know Christ and To Make Him Known
Living Stewardship...

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things
Bear witness to your faith.
Visit other Methodist churches.
Examine your conscience.
Read the Book of Discipline.
Teach a child to pray.

Discern your vocation.
Assist your pastors and pray for them.
Participate in home visiting.
Extend Communion to the homebound.

Help serve a funeral meal.
Befriend a person in need.
See God in nature.
Serve on church committees.
Live within your means.

Keep the Ten Commandments.
Join a small Christian study group.
Contribute to Stewardship Campaigns
Subscribe to a Christian magazine.
Read to a child/children.

Admonish sinners.
Renew marriage vows.
Assist a single parent.
Make a pilgrimage.
Help a needy family.

Attend a parenting class.
Join United Methodist Women/Men.
Correspond with college students.
Volunteer at the hospital.
Promote service in public life.

Defend Religious liberty.
Support UMCOR disaster appeals.
Uphold professional ethics.
Strengthen the family.
Go on a retreat.

Help a migrant, immigrant, or refugee.
Respect life.
Join the church choir.
Plant a garden.
Assist a disabled person.

Love one another as He has loved us.
Give thanks!
Rejoice and be glad!
Be a good steward, and
Share God's blessings always.

Original material from The Church of St. John Neumann  of Strongsville, Ohio; used with their kind permission and edited (also with permission from St. John's) for use in our church by the site editor. Thanks to St. John's!
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Love God.
Serve as an acolyte.
Teach or take a religious education class.
Receive Sacraments.
Donate Goods to a food pantry, mission.

Sing Hymns.
Contribute to special offerings.
Read your church bulletin, newsletter, website.
Serve as a Lay Leader.

Join Prayer Groups, Book Club.
Read Scripture.
Participate in Walk with the Lord.
Volunteer at a school.
Contribute to a bake sale.

Counsel the doubtful.
Serve as an usher.
Become a servant.
Support Youth Groups.

Send your kids to camp.
Befriend an elderly person.
Become a committee member.
Practice responsible consumerism.
Take a stand against violence.

Visit the imprisoned.
Live the Beatitudes.
Develop your talents.
Share your faith.

Accept Christ as your Savior.
Support missions.
Work at a Food Bank.

Conserve Natural Resources
Join the bell choir.
Visit the sick.
Study the lives of the church leaders.
Comfort the afflicted.

Forgive offenses.
Cherish your family.
Say Grace before meals.
Extend your hospitality.
Love one another.

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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known
Stewardship of our Earth